Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Zwei Katzen (Two Cats)

I figured I should start writing again and there are a couple of different reasons for that. 

1) School starts in about a month so I need to get the writing juices flowing again since I changed majors from Maths to English. Maybe I'll explain that whole thing in another post.

2) If I'm ever going to write the "Great American Novel" I should get to writing something... anything.

So I thought I tell you about my two cats, in the form of an interview. I will be interviewing myself, there may end up being pictures; we'll see.

Interviewer: Hi Ella, how are you today?

Ella: I'm good. How are you?

I: I'm good as well. Let's get started. I've heard you have cats, how many do you have? What are their names?

E: I have two cats, their names are Sinon (pronounced She-known) and Aave (pronounced Ah-vey). They're sisters.

I: How did they come to live with you?

E: We got them from a local rescue group, Clear Creek Cat Rescue. We were told that they were rescued from a hoarder.

I: That sounds rough. Has it affected them negatively at all?

E: Of course, I don't believe anyone comes out of a rough upbringing unscathed.
They are both still pretty skittish. They tend to run at the slightest provocation. Sinon will watch the mail man come up the driveway, poised to run. If he stops at the mail box all is ok, but if we get a package, she bolts. 
When they had only been with us for a couple months, I tried to take Aave outside. To get her comfortable being an indoor/outdoor cat. I took her outside, she wanted down and then she took off. We had to borrow a live trap from Animal Control. She was gone for nine days. She was starving and dehydrated. She still has food insecurity. Sinon eats random fuzzes and dust bunnies. They can be really cuddly though. Aave meets me at the door for belly rubs when I get home, Sinon likes to be held like a baby. Over all, they're weird and great.

I: Wow, thanks for sharing with us. That's about all the time we have right now, would you like to share any pictures before we sign off?

E: Yes I would!


Sisters Sleeping
I: Those are great! Thanks for talking with us.

E: Thanks for having me.

Ok, so that was my pretend interview. It ended up shorter than I anticipated. Maybe if I had written it when I thought of it rather than three days later. Oh well, maybe next time.

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