Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas Trees

Ok, so in yesterday's post,

I talked about the fact that we don't put the tree up because of naughty kitties and space issues. Well, I think we may have found a solution: a Portal tree.

If you don't know (or remember), Portal is a game that you could shoot a portal onto a surface and walk through it to where you shot the exit portal.

It was a cool game.

So I know the idea of a Portal tree is an old one but it's still cool I think, and I've found a blog with a how-to. Now that guy has only the top of the tree on the ceiling but to keep kitties away from my shiny balls both halves would need to be up. And there are pictures out there where people have done this, mainly to keep pets from destroying the thing.

At this point it's a little late to execute this plan this year, but maybe next year!

I'm excited!

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