Monday, December 5, 2016

Public Speaking

It's Not That Bad..

I guess. The next hurdle I have with finishing the semester is in my Communications class. I have a speech I have to give on Wednesday. I should feel prepared at this point But I don't really. 

I do feel more prepared today than I did yesterday since I practiced, which is good. But it's not perfect and it will go over the time allotment if I freeze at all. 

No pressure.

This semester has been lousy with public speaking though. It was expected in the Communications class, but I thought I'd only have to do one. It turned out that I had to do one group presentation and one solo one. I've already done the group part. What was unexpected was the presentation I had to do in my astronomy lab course. I had to find an asteroid, see if it was ever going to hit Earth, then present my findings. It was mostly fun. 

Also I'm going to have to present in my astronomy research group. I'm not even totally sure what I'm supposed to present on, I guess what I've done all semester, which isn't much. It turns out, writing code for a language you've never seen before takes a bit when you only work on it for 3 hours per week. For the record, it's a one credit class so I'm only supposed to work on it for that long.

Anyway, hopefully my itchy skin will calm down when I get all these speeches done.

While we're on the subject, why is speech spelled with 2 'e's when speak is spelled with 'ea'? Even while knowing how to use English, I'm not sure I'll ever understand it. I even know when to use 'whom', though I don't always use it when I should because I'm afraid to sound pretentious or something. We live in strange times.

Anywho, catch you later,


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