Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Who's NOT in the Christmas Spirit?

I'm not.

Usually it would have hit by now. It's late these days because of the stress of school. I just can't focus on anything else. 

Well this year school ended a week later than previous Fall semesters. Also we haven't put up the tree for the last couple of years. We got a 2nd printer that had to go somewhere. Also, the first year we had the cats I don't think I slept much just trying to defend my ornaments from kittens. I'm not heartbroken about not having the tree up. Maybe one year we'll figure out how to hang the tree from the ceiling. Might need a shorter tree.

But all of the sudden it's five days before Christmas, and Isabelle is getting over being sick and Sarah is sick today. 

I guess I should get to wrapping presents.

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