Monday, December 12, 2016

My Eyes...


My eyes are so tired right now. It's not even time for bed. Not sure why. I've read a lot  today but it's not like I haven't read all day before. I don't think I really read read all that much. 

I suppose some have figured out I write these the night before they go up. I write better at night it seems. And living in Alaska means that night time for me is very early morning for most of you. So I schedule them to go up at 8 AM my time, which turns out to be Noon East Coast US. A shout out to the few in Europe who read my blog, I have no idea what time it is for you when I post. I see all you non-US people on my traffic map, thanks for reading. 

In other news, I hear Rogue One is really good, says people who went to the premiere. So that's exciting! Considering this is coming from people who didn't like the prequels, it should be really good.

I'm not sure I understand what the hate is about for those movies, or the Matrix sequels. If it's about there being less action, so what? Was is that nerd boys didn't like the romance? Oh well, nerd boys aren't the only ones who watch movies. Yes Anakin is a whiny bitch, but so was Luke. Like father, like son I say.

Well I guess I should go rest my tired eyes, or not. It's not even bedtime yet.

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