Sunday, December 11, 2016


I've Decided..

I've decided to learn Python rather than HTML/CSS. My astronomy professor forwarded an announcement email that listed the intern opportunities at NASA. Yes that's a thing! One of the opportunities I glanced at happened to want someone who knows Python. 

It helps that I don't really care that much about web development. I'm not sure why I keep trying to care; there are plenty of websites that provide templates for that sort of thing. Hell, Blogger is kind of that sort of thing as well as Wordpress. Granted, Blogger is just for blogs but we all tend to specialize anyway.

So this will probably be how I spend my winter break.

I don't have a new moon picture yet (even though the sky was clear); it doesn't look much different than it did last night. Hopefully it will be clear when we get to full next week.

Here's another cool picture though:
Planetary Nebula

Here is a planetary nebula. In this one a medium sized star has run out of fuel and sputtered until the outer layers came off. The nebula itself is the outer layers. In the center is a white dwarf which is the core of the dead star.  The nebula will eventually dissipate while the core will glow on until it cools off.

That's it for today,

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