Sunday, December 18, 2016

Rogue One!

Just saw Rogue One..

And it was AWESOME! Great characters, great effects. All around great movie. I think if I say anymore, I'll spoil something.

So we watched Rogue One in 3D so the trailers were too. And the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer was so cute and funny. That baby Groot is the best thing ever and it seems like the soundtrack will be great again. So cute!

Isabelle got sick waiting for finals. She had a math final today that she had to take while sick. I'm sure that sucked. The sad thing is she doesn't have time to take off since next week is finals week. Hopefully she can do most of her recovery tomorrow and slog through the week. At least she has Friday off.

That's it for now. (Go see Rogue One!)


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