Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Finals Done!

Well sort of, mostly.

I've still got to go to class tomorrow, even though I've taken the final for that one. I suppose I could skip out but I suspect the professor is holding out with the participation grade until she sees who shows up tomorrow. I'm pretty sure most of my friends will show up anyway, and there's food.

So today I had the Calc final at 7AM. Good thing I'm a morning person. I think I did alright with it but won't be sure until the professor posts grades. He sent an announcement this afternoon to tell people that he doesn't have our grade yet. Duh, it takes a bit to grade stuff that isn't multiple choice. I understand why they are anxious though. Calc 2 is one of the hardest math courses and it's a prerequisite for a lot of things. I'm eagerly awaiting my grade too, I just expected to wait until official grades were due at the end of next week.  

Well now I've got a month off to fart around and learn Python. Maybe I'll clean something and finish the macrame plant hanger that's almost done.

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