Friday, December 23, 2016

This is dragging on a bit.

22 Days in...

I think I might be running out of things to talk about. Writing something for 31 days straight is harder than it looks, you try it. It has gotten especially hard when I don't have somewhere to be every day. All I did today was take Isabelle to school and pick her up. She had a full day at KCC and was unsure of what bus to take since usually she just goes in the afternoon.

I cooked a new thing in the slowcooker, only 2/3 of us liked it; as usual. Maybe I'll try a story, or part of one.

The Adventures of Patch the Guinea Pig

Patch the Guinea Pig was running for her life. Dodging left and right as she ran, avoiding the grasping hands trying to slow her down. She had to get the keystone away from Bunglesnerf's henchmen so he couldn't start the Doomsday Machine.

As she got to the top of the ridge, Patch noticed the steam boat in the bay below, preparing to leave. "I need to make that boat!", Patch thought, "I can't afford to be trapped on this island." Patch leapt down the trail that lead to the shore.

Hideo Bunglesnerf was angry! He almost had possession of the keystone; the final piece to his latest invention, the Doomsday Machine. But of course, Patch had struck again and snatched it before his henchmen could carry it through the jungle from the ancient ruins.

"How does this keep happening?", Bunglesnerf wondered to himself. Maybe he should have sprung for the more expensive henchmen from the "Villain Mail Order Catalog". Oh well, can't be helped now. Maybe if they fail to catch that infernal Guinea Pig he can get a refund.

As Patch careened down the mountain path she looked behind her. The Henchmen were gaining! "Oh moldy hay!" Patch yelled, "Guess it's time to use my teeth!" She then jumped toward a tree, grabbed on with her teeth and swung around the trunk. Then she let go and flew on toward another tree. Patch zigg zagged down the mountain using her teeth! Now that's Rodent Power! Of course, the henchmen, who were mere humans couldn't keep up!

Patch left the forest and dashed toward the docks. She jumped onto the ship just as it was pulling away. As she got farther from the shore, she waved goodbye to Bunglesnerf's henchmen.

Off in the distance Bunglesnerf could be heard bellowing with rage.

Patch was my Guinea Pig. She liked to watch TV with us. I liked to think she went on adventures when we left the house. Kind of like Perry the Platypus. Maybe if you guys like the story, I'll write more.

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